Virtual Beer Tasting

Virtual Beer Tasting para eventos de empresa.

is participatory, fun and interactive. Online attendees will learn and enjoy the refreshing world of beer by completing a series of challenges proposed by our experts.
It is an ideal activity for groups in which you want participants from their homes or locations to participate in an original and fun way enjoying the activity. The virtual Beer Tasting would take place online simultaneously for everyone.
Virtual Beer Tasting is eminently practical with our original and fun method proven in thousands of tastings. In the online beer tasting, different cereals, malts, yeasts, hops and ways of elaboration will be tasted.

Virtual Beer Tasting online. Learn all the secrets of Beer in an interactive way.

Learn all the secrets of Beer in an interactive way.

It is a different Beer Tasting. With our experience, our expert communicators offer a game to the participants. A tasting challenge that you will have to solve. In this eminently practical way, participants will learn the different phases of tasting a beer. They will learn to differentiate and understand the reason for Beers made with different types of cereal, different fermentations (Ales, lager), different malts and hops. Beers of different maturations and reserves.

You will see the foams and their persistence and the reason for the different colors. We will delve into the aromas of the beers. The different types of hops (aromatic and bitter) and how they influence the taste of a beer. The malt, the malting process and its influence on both color and flavor. Aromas of caramel, chocolate, banana, fruit, coffee, roasted … … the flavors of beer (sweeter, acidic, balanced or bitter). Refreshing sensations that will delight the participants.

All this with a method that Eventos de Autor has been carrying out for 17 years with excellent results. Fun, participative and interactive online Beer Tastings.

Learn everything you need to know from our expert communicators wherever you are. You just have to have a computer and enjoy the experience of the interactive virtual tasting of beers.

Leaders in activities for company events. Always innovating.

Eventos de Autor, with more than 17 years of experience, is a leader in the production, development and implementation of teambuilding activities for all types of company and group events.
Teambuilding, recreational, incentive and training events. We have been working with groups and the largest Spanish and multinational companies around the world for more than 17years.
Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have adapted all our activities to the virtual world. We carry out all kinds of online activities.
In addition to the online beer tastings, in Eventos de Autor you will find the following online activities for company events and groups:
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…And much more….
In addition to online activities, we carry out many other activities such as Gymkhanas with ipads in the open air in all the cities of Spain and the main European capitals. Creative workshops such as the Casa de Papel, gastronomic activities such as the Molecular Spherification Workshop, Online Wine Tasting, Create your own Wine, Online Escape Room Challenge and Who wants to be a Brewer? among other.
Multiple options for your company events.
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Team building para eventos de empresa
Beer Tasting for corporate events and groups
Actividad Team building
Beer Tasting for corporate events and groups
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Actividades team building para eventos de empresa. En cualquier localización y lugar de España.
Beer Tasting for corporate events and groups. Online and face-to-face beer tastings. In any location.
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